Lip Service: Davids condemns attack, but still hasn’t returned Hamas supporter’s donation

Democrat Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Sharice Davids

WASHINGTON, D.C. – After a brutal attack on Israeli civilians that left more than 1,300 dead, saw the taking of American and Israeli hostages and sparked new war in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews, Kansas’ 3rd District Congesswoman Sharice Davids issued a statement condemning the attack and contradicting the past rhetoric of her anti-semitic cohorts in the U.S. Congress.

But that proclamation so far has not led Kansas’ sole Democrat congresswoman to return a $4,000 campaign donation she received from one of congress’ most high-profile Hamas supporters and consistent disparagers of Israel.

  “I unequivocally condemn this violence. I have always supported security assistance for Israel,” Davids said in a statement to the Review and earlier on social media, saying she had always supported and continued to support Israel’s right to self defense.    

But Davids’ past support of Israel’s opponents in the U.S. Congress have given ammunition to critics who say her proclamations of support for the Jewish State amidst the most recent round of terror attacks from Hamas are politically timed lip service. 

Delanie Bomar with the National Republican Congressional Committee noted Davids has not yet signed on to a call by the U.S. Senate late last week to refreeze some $6 billion in aid to Iran, long a sponsor of Hamas terror attacks ­– funds President Biden released nearly a month ago to secure the release of Americans being held in Iran.

“Sharice Davids lacks the moral courage to say she thinks funding terrorist attacks on Israel is wrong,” said Bomar. “Her silence says everything we need to know about her fitness to serve in Congress.”

Hamas terrorists operating from Gaza executed a horrifying surprise attack against neighboring Israel aimed at civilians on October 7, going house-to-house to murder families including women and children and at one point slaughtering some 250 unarmed revelers at dance festival, held in honor of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Hamas and terrorist-affiliated websites posted graphic videos of the murders which were broadly distributed on social media.

Davids’ condemnation came as some of her closest friends in congress, so-called “Squad” members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib juggled with equivocations of the attack and shamed Israel for seeking retribution.

       In February after Republicans took control of the U.S. Congress, Davids voted against a resolution forwarded by Republicans to remove Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar from the House Committee on Foreign Affairs over her past anti-semitic comments and equivocations regarding violence perpetrated by Hamas, the Taliban, the United States and Israel. After the Oct. 7 attack, Omar called for the U.S. to cut off funding to Israel when the nation announced plans for reprisal attacks in the Gaza strip against Hamas.

       In her 2018 campaign, Davids received a $4,000 contribution from Omar’s campaign. Omar’s anti-Jewish, pro-terrorist rhetoric has led to widespread condemnation from critics, but so far Davids has not denounced Omar’s comments nor returned the $4,000 donation.

       Davids is the sole Democrat congressional representative from Kansas, representing Anderson, Franklin, Miami, Johnson and part of Wyandotte counties.