Extremists mount more free speech attacks against Lawrence churches

Ultra-Left vandals attacked Morning Star Church in Lawrence, Kansas, overnight. Morning Star has expressed biblical teachings publicly regarding the transgender issue.

LAWRENCE, Kan. – Vandals following the Antifa playbook continue to attack churches in Lawrence, Kansas, for their religious teachings contrary to the extremist narrative pressed by the ultra-Left.

Twice in the last two months, vandals defaced Morning Star Church with obscenities, Nazi insignias and “urine bombs,” a common tactic used by trans activists. The church has taken public stands on issues of faith and liberty which have put it at odds with ultra-Leftists in Lawrence, renown as Kansas’ most liberal city. Lately, evidence suggests it’s the state’s most politically violent as well.

“It seems these attacks are intended to punish, intimidate or keep us from speaking out,” Morning Star Church Pastor John McDermott, said. “That’s not going to happen. We will continue to preach Biblical principles, and our church will continue to advocate for truth.”

The attack follows a separate assault on property at Victory Bible Church in Lawrence a year ago, when the church used its message board to address voting during the Value Them Both Amendment referendum, which if passed would have defined the Kansas constitution as not including an innate right to abortion as previously determined by the Kansas Supreme Court.

Churches risk losing their tax-exempt status if they advocate politically. The Victory Church message board skirted that line, reading: “VOTE, IT’S A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH.” Church officials said the spray paint attack amounted to about $2,000 in damage.

Vandals following that theme defaced VTB signs on private property all across Kansas, as reported by amendment supporters and photographed by property owners and local media.

The first attack against Morning Star Church occurred on May 20 when the church front doors were urine bombed, a press statement from the church said. Urine bombing involves splashing large quantities of urine on monuments or buildings. 

Yesterday’s attack occurred in the pre-dawn hours of July 18. In addition to urine bombs, the vandals spray painted the side of the church as well as the monument sign near the church’s parking lot entrance.