Powder and shame; modern Democrats continue to reveal themselves

If the recent Kansas powder letter troll who coughed up over $600 to send letters with baking soda and talcum powder to Kansas Republican legislators turns out to be anything other than a classic KU liberal pinhead with pink hair, pudgy biscuit-dough fingers and a nose piercing, I’ll personally French braid liberal Scott County Record publisher Rod Haxton’s mullet free of charge.

Of course the FBI will never find the he/her/it responsible, because they’re too busy burying Hunter Biden investigation documents and combing New York, D.C. and Florida finance records to see if Donald Trump has any overdue library books.

That’s one point of redemption for Scott City’s Pravda On The Plains – what its local publisher lacks in grooming standards and judgment he makes up for in attribution. His leftist shrieking may not carry much weight among his county with its 67 percent support for the Kansas amendment against killing babies and its massive majority for Trump in two elections, but at least he signs his work.

Contrast that to the impotent, limp-wristed cowardice of anonymously mailing more than 100 fake anthrax letters to Kansas Republicans (and though neither the KBI nor FBI will cop to all the recipients being GOP, no others but Republicans have reported getting one) and the lack of character innate among modern Democrats shines like drag queen glitter.

Come to think of it, has anyone heard a denunciation of the powder attack yet from Kansas Governor Laura Kelly?

Me either.

Therein lies the chasm that separates traditional Democrats from those who have commandeered Roosevelt and Truman’s party of the working class. In backlash to Donald Trump they along with their corrupt media lapdogs seated the most radical left president and administration in American history. The gluttony of entitlement for the endless column of victim groups they embrace caused fissures in the modern Democrat Party through which all the character and dignity leaked out.

What are Democrats left with for a party? A collection of kooks, weirdos and perverts that would make Barnum & Bailey grimmace. “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” was the chant at a recent drag queen march in New York City. But remember – they’re the victims.

Like Trump himself, the childish petulance of this perpetual grouping of “poor me” rules them, though they lack Trump’s savant-like ability to make real decisions with insight and common sense legitimately for the common good. Last week Democrats in the House threw one of their infamous hissy fits at the censure vote on California  congressman Adam Schiff, who spent three years as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee swearing to unicorn-like evidence he claimed to have that would bag Trump for Russian collusion. None of it existed of course, but Schiff did what few thought could be done – he set a new bar for lying even for Washington, D.C. Schiff did for lying what Smuckers did for jelly.

Yet the facts, much less the idea of accountability, was lost on Democrats in the House chamber, whose response was rather to chant “shame, shame, shame” during the proceeding in denial of Schiff’s now proven perjury. It’s the continual playbook of the decrepit soul – when caught in a lie, deny, deny, deny.

Denial’s the point at the core of the transgender debate as well, whose fact-challenged liturgy proclaims a person can be whatever gender he/she wants to be based on feelings instead of evidence. One wonders if it’s yet dawned on the hoards of vagina hat wearing Women’s Marchers from 2017 that the tantrum they threw at Trump’s election would eventually result in an assault on their gender’s relevance by the very liberals they supported, with their identity, their personal privacy and their athletic accomplishments stolen, by men encouraged by Democrats to masquerade as women.

Among them the shameful vitriol of the perpetually entitled festers ad nauseam. When KCK Democrat Representative Marvin Robinson broke with liberals in the Kansas House to vote with Republicans to enact a ban on men in women’s sports, one of his Democrat colleagues told him to “go die.” So, probably no Christmas card this year, either?

Once upon a time impassioned debate knew logical limits. For leftists pulling the strings of today’s Democrat Party, that’s now a fractured fairy tale.

– Dane Hicks is publisher of The Anderson County Review in Garnett, Kan.