Gov. Laura Kelly stabs women in the back a third time – but three may be a charm

If Kansas lawmakers continue to show some guts and keep standing up to the goofball woke mob and the governor that wants to turn the Sunflower State into Canada, women – and I mean actual women with ovaries and female DNA and stuff – might come out of the present legislative session with the same rights, privacy and legal protections they had a decade ago.

That would be neat, after all – this idea of halting the backslide of womenís rights – which has been brought about by the wokesters’ obsession with their newest and most exalted victim du jour yet: men who say they’re women.

As expected that logic is again lost on Governor Laura Kelly, who stabbed women in the back a third time Friday in again vetoing a ban on men in women’s sports.

And so it is conservatives – those of us heretofore painted by Lefties as knuckle-dragging cro magnons still ‘clinging to our our Bibles and our guns’ to paraphrase Barack Hussein Obama’s contemptuous assessment – who are women’s last hope for protection.

How can that be? How can conservatives be the ones championing the rights of women against the predations of men who want to seize a right to women’s bathrooms, locker rooms and competitive sports honors? Aren’t women’s rights supposed to be the the purview of those who actually… wait for it… care about women?

Wax me incredulous, but where are Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem and the other second-wave feminists of yesteryear who adhered to Steinem’s opus “After Black Power, Women’s Liberation?” Why aren’t the National Organization for Women and Girl Up actually standing up for women?


In fact, most of these organizations whose supposed mission is the furtherance of women’s rights are actually, like Gov. Laura Kelly, allied with the men who can only feel fulfilled by sporting their machinery in your daughter’s locker room and robbing girls of their college athletic scholarships.

Who’s taken up the fight for American women? Republicans, center-right Democrats and Libertarians – or as they’re known in modern times: people with some sense of justice and moral gumption.

Gumptionites in the Kansas Legislature are the ones defending women’s soverignty. This time, Kelly’s veto aimed at giving some dude your sister’s track scholarship has a good chance of being overturned since a number of liberal Republican legislators were dispensed in the last election – their seats now filled with gumptionites. Kelly’s disdain for women’s rights will no doubt eventually bring her to veto the Women’s Bill of Rights as well.

The WBOR is similar to laws under consideration or already passed in other states that codify in law the values most of us grew up with – that there’s no “inequity” in having separate facilities for men and women in civilized societies; that “distinctions between the sexes with respect to athletics, prisons or other detention facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms, restrooms and other areas where biology, safety or privacy are implicated that result in separate accommodations are substantially related to the important governmental objectives of protecting the health, safety and privacy of individuals.”

Contrast these principles to examples like one recently in Minnesota, a state experiencing one of the worst gumption droughts in recent history. There, a Minnesotoa state court judge just ruled it’s illegal for USA Powerlifting to enforce a rule that men have to compete with other men. Now, a nothing-ranked dude formerly competing as a man but who now wears lipstick has rocketed to the top ranking in his new female weight division. Talk about a Cinderella Story.

Those kinds of ridiculous decisions made by judges and governors whose sense of legality and morality has been completely corrupted by pop culture nonsense are precisely the reason states like Kansas have to enact specific legislation these days to protect women from the washroom to the athletic field. 

It is a sad state of affairs, but kudos to Kansas legislators for embracing the task.###

Dane Hicks is publisher of The Anderson County Review in Garnett, Kan. His Kansas-based novel “The Skinning Tree” celebrates a 20-year anniversary re-release this year.