Pete Buttigieg: Lost in Kansas

A freak tornado hit Federal Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s posh D.C. condo late last month and transported him all the way to Ohio, Missouri and Kansas, where he was as at home as a tuxedo in a chicken house. 

But as is apropos for members of the Biden Administration, people who are woefully horrible at their government jobs are often called upon to go places where other people have actually accomplished something and explain how it was all made possible because of Joey’s infrastructure bill, which was really about shoveling money toward green energy lackeys who donate to Demcorat candidates. 

So, loyal to a fault, Buttigeig was hustled away from his public shellacking in the toxic hellfire smoke pit that was once East Palestine, Ohio, where his laser focus on the nation’s transportation system and his sense of service to Americans who didn’t vote for Biden prompted him to wait only three weeks before donning his calfskin dress shoes for a trip to the toxic cleanup site. 

His true motivation in appearing at the poison-spewing train derailment scene was of course the same motivation that incessantly and constantly drives each member of the Biden Administration and Democrats in general: Donald Trump. 

Trump landed in East Palestine the day before Buttigieg and was met by the residents like the Liberators of France in August ‘44. Using his masterful and Trump-esque ability to connect to the little guy, Trump brought them cases of “Trump Water” – as he explained, “a very high quality water” – and then ponied up to take everybody to McDonalds. 

That, my friends, is the kind of thing a guy does who gets elected president. 

Buttigieg, on the other hand, spent most of his 11 minutes on the ground in East Palestine dodging reporters’ questions about whether he’d actually walked there from D.C. in those nice shoes, considering it took him three weeks to get there. Breezing past those pesky questions, Buttigieg revealed (surprise) the whole thing was really Trump’s fault anyway – something about some railcar braking regulation Trump’s administration quashed years ago – a point National Transportation Safety Board officials said had nothing to do with the wheel bearing overheating which caused the derailment. But Buttigieg earned points with nervous Democrats and the Leftist Media for staying on “Trump script.” 

Advocate Channel Photo

In his defense, Buttigieg at least showed up – his boss Joe Biden has yet to follow the toxic smoke plume from Washinton, D.C., to East Palestine, choosing instead to put Americans on hold while he jetted to Ukraine to wander around in his own dress shoes in a war zone for a hand-holding photo op with Volodymyr Zelenskyy. 

Afterall, Buttigieg got his job not because he was steeped in decades of transportation and logistics knowhow. He got his job because he is a smooth talking gay Democrat who looks really earnest while he talks a long time, but says absolutely nothing, on TV in a nice suit. 

So by the time that cyclone blew him into Democrat-held KCMO, Buttigieg was ready for a breather. At the new Kansas City Airport that no one really wanted except the metro construction unions but which got built anyway, Buttigieg basked in the friendly codding of fellow Democrats and the assurance there would be no hard questions about jammed up supply chains or exploding rail cars, and hopefully no Trump. He told the crowd what really matters at big expensive airplane places like this one are the heartfelt stories of travelers and the federal tax money involved, not the $1.6 billion in borrowed funds paid to Democrat supporting unions and the 35 years it will take to pay off the debt. 

His words were met by welcome smiles from Kansas City’s mayor and First Place urban violent crime contender Quinton Lucas, perennial KC congressman and carwash loan defaulter Emanual Cleaver and gay Ilan Omar friendship ring wearer Congresswoman Sharice Davids, who’s actually elected from a Kansas district but likes to go to KCMO to get her picture taken where people like her. 

Mayor Pete even popped over to DeSoto – another place in Kansas he never heard of but was glad to go as long as it wasn’t East Palestine and Trump wasn’t there – to pose for pictures with another tax-funded project he had absolutely nothing to do with – the Panasonic battery plant site. 

The week ended as a defining example of President Joe Biden’s storied leadership – an example that gave us all hope that no matter how high the inflation rate, the price of energy, spiking interest rates, illegal immigrant crisis, dead soldiers in Afghanistan, lingering war in Ukraine, Chinese spy balloons or unstoppable aggression from Russia – that America’s best days to wear a suit and get your picture taken are still ahead of us. ###