Has anyone seen Sharice Davids?

At the Review we’ve been trying to reach Kansas 3rd District Congresswoman Sharice Davids since before the August primary, but it seems she’s nowhere to be found.

Our calls and emails all go unanswered by humans – only robot replies and requests to take some automated survey; messages left with staff at one of her campaign offices have not been acknowledged. No one returns calls or emails from her D.C. office.

It seems odd to be so ignored by the congressman who’s supposed to be your representative. Anderson County and its residents are, afterall, in the Third District now after redistricting, along with Franklin and the remainder of Miami counties. But we’re beginning to wonder if Davids knows we’re here.

We didn’t see her tossing candy to kids during the Anderson County Fair Parade. The parade route is easy enough to find, afterall – with only one exception it’s been looping around the track at the old football stadium for about the last 50 years.

She wasn’t demo driving a vintage tractor at Ottawa’s Power of The Past event a few weeks back. Her opponent, Republican Amanda Adkins, didn’t report seeing Davids at the U.S. southern border last month when Adkins went down to get a first-hand look at the problem down there. There’ve been no reports of Davids at the LeRoy Coop in Westphalia checking on the condition of this year’s local corn crop (which seems to be pretty poor overall).

This esteemed publisher covered the Kincaid Fair and saw no float or decorated bicycle or horse or skateboard with the congresswoman on it. Our photographer didn’t mention anything about seeing Davids two-stepping at Garnett’s Cornstock Concert on The Hill; we also searched the crowd and there was no sign of her at Central Heights Homecoming football game Friday night.

So if anyone in the 3rd District catches sight of her, would it be too much to ask for you to send up a flare?

Most of the time during campaign season you’re tripping over your congressman at almost every turn. For a while there when Anderson County was in the 2nd District, it seemed like Jake LaTurner was popping out of a phone booth every time you turned around (Jake’s a dead ringer for Clark Kent, if you didn’t notice, if I have to explain that one).

But although Davids is nowhere to be found at least in the new territories of her district, her Facebook page is loaded with pictures of her always doing something somewhere else – never with her hands dirty in a corn or bean field, mind you – but usually in front of the posh oak paneling of her congressional office or the boardroom of some swanky Washington union lobby outfit that’s giving her an award as “Solar Panelist of The Year” or some such.

Not that her fans care where she is – she can still strengthen the Joe Biden Agenda with her 100 percent support votes  even if she’s not in D.C., as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi allows proxy voting for congress members to vote without being in the House chamber.

Though you won’t find her buying gas at Highway 59 Service in Richmond, Davids is a favorite on the Pelosi Leftist Weirdo and Vodka tour, where the Speaker details fruit picking instructions for Florida’s illegal immigrants and touts Davids for her accomplishments – being a Native American lesbian kickboxer who votes 100 percent with Joe Biden – then collects donations for the Democratic National Committee while she proclaims Davids the future of America.

If you’re starting to get the impression that Sharice Davids is a figurehead – a silent box checker for the Democrat Party and not a real congresswoman – you’re not alone.

Davids’ job isn’t really to represent you, afterall. Her job is to be a foot soldier for the extreme arm of the Democrat Party that put her in office – supporting Joe Biden’s inflationary disaster, his gender war and his attack on working people’s gasoline tanks. If Vladimir Putin lived in the new reaches of the 3rd District – and he actually may for all Davids knows – he’d have her campaign sign in his yard.

Forget where she’s supposed to be; for those with the most to gain from Joe Biden’s Democrat American Disaster Plan, they want to keep Sharice Davids right where she is.

–Dane Hicks is the publisher of The Anderson County Review in Garnett, Kan. His Kansas-based novel “The Skinning Tree” celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2023.