Amanda Adkins can help stop the Biden disaster

Anderson County is new to Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District, but what is well known is that voters of all stripes need to act next Tuesday to stop the disastrous Joe Biden agenda that has rim-wrecked our country in just 18 months. To that end it’s incumbent on 3rd District voters to replace Sharice Davids’ 100 percent Biden voting record with Amanda Adkins to represent us in the U.S. Congress.

For Republicans that means picking Adkins in next week’s GOP primary. Adkins’ primary opponent, John McCaughrean, has a fine future in politics and leadership and is a U.S. Army veteran with a patriot’s heart, but his inexperience and lack of vital party connection set him up to lose to Davids should he be the GOP pick in August. The 3rd District, and the country, can’t risk that.

Just this short sip of Joe Biden and Democrat leadership has been enough to poison the formerly strong and vigorous nation we reveled in just a few years ago, and Davids has been a dependable vote for the president all along the way. Biden’s invitation led to nothing less than an invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern border and crushed the morale of our border protectors, foisting international crime and drug problems on communities not just near the border but throughout the nation; Democrats’ undying obsession with green energy and its innate and abject stupidity has purposefully crippled American petroleum production, jacked up energy prices and forced our nation to crawl hat in hand to foreign countries to beg for oil; Biden and his cadre of incompetent but “woke” military leaders combined for a disastrous retreat from Afghanistan that killed U.S. military personnel and bolstered Russian’s Vladimir Putin to invade Ukraine, causing havoc throughout the world; following suit to the extreme Left’s obsession with alternate sexual interests, Biden’s promotion of so-called “trans” interests over the rights of American women has bred a pronoun salad social battlefield where people aren’t even assured they can use a public restroom in peace.

We need no more of Joe Biden, nor members of Congress like Sharice Davids who enable him.

  While trying to hide far below the public radar in her district, Sharice Davids has been a dependable vote for Biden through it all – and due to Nancy Pelosi’s rules that allow members to cast proxy votes without even being in the House chamber, Davids has been able to vote with Biden while she cavorted across the country pressing flesh at fundraisers and other Democrat social events.

The congressional record shows Davids has voted 100 percent of the time with the Biden Democrats – and she hasn’t even had to be in Washington to do it. The Washington Free Beacon reported last month Davids’ campaign had spent more than $20,000 on hotel stays this election cycle, while the congresswoman cast at least nine votes by proxy. Many of those votes were on dates that happened to coincide with her public appearances around the country as part of the Democrats’ unending promotional tour for “diversity, equity & inclusion” (Davids is a gay Native American). In March, she bunked at the swanky Waldof Astoria in Beverly Hills at more than $1,000 a night – all courtesy of her campaign fund, and she’s overnighted at other luxury digs on California sojourns as well. It’s paid off for her – while she claims “grassroots energy” for her campaign and an “incredible wave of support from Kansas,” her fundraising tours have raised more than $450,000 from California donors.

That money and her voting record tells the tale. Davids is no more Kansas than Nancy Peolosi.

Amanda Adkins brings a mix of professionalism, experience and practical conservatism to the race with which the 3rd District – particularly rural territories of Franklin, Miami and Anderson counties – can identify. She spent 15 years as a Cerner Corporation executive and is versed in the nation’s healthcare issues. She formed a philanthropic organization dedicated to addressing social determinants in healthcare called the  Systems of Care Initiative (SOCI), dedicated to helping young children be healthy and ready for kindergarten and later success in life. As chairwoman of the Kansas Republican Party, she helped guide the party toward a Republican majority in the Kansas Legislature that has successfully built a conservative buttress around the state to protect our citizens from the encroachment of the Leftism which has beset so many other states.

Moreover, Adkins will be part of the coming 2022 congressional bulwark to halt the national degradation that’s been fostered by Biden, Sharice Davids and the radical Left. A vote for Adkins is a vote to put America back on the right track.

–Dane Hicks is publisher of The Anderson County Review in Garnett, Kan.