KU “death to America” grads and students want jobs, internships

University Daily Kansan

Ann Hartley, Associate Director,
University Career Center, University of Kansas

Ms. Hartley,

I am in receipt of your email today promoting University of Kansas career services to my company to encourage us to consider utilizing your university to engage potential recruits from the pool of KU graduates as well as possible internships from the current student body.

I must be frank in making you aware that I consider potential KU hires with more than a grain of salt. 

The anti-American and outright Leftist assertions and activities by many of your students and faculty in past years, including but not limited to degradations of the American flag, protests against Christian-based companies like Chick-fil-A and support for the Marxist terrorist organization Black Lives Matter, is not in keeping with the moral expectations and corporate culture of our organization.

Most recently, your KU Student Body President, Niya McAdoo, publicly expressed her desire for “death to America.” My assumption is that she was elected to this position by some majority of the student body, and by default those students agree with her hateful sentiments toward our country. Garnett Publishing, Inc., does not share this mindset, and a number of our key employees, particularly military veterans, have expressed their direct outrage at Ms. McAdoo’s comments.

It is my hope that in whatever way possible, you will forward my comments to KU leadership which in turn will affect policy and educational overhauls to oppose such anti-American attitudes, revise curriculum and faculty to promote more balance in political thought, and as a university organization yourselves, relay swift condemnation to the purveyors when in fact these incidents occur in the future.

At this time, we will consider your request under advisement.


Dane Hicks, President

Garnett Publishing, Inc.