Royals must suffer for woke MLB

After the boycott of this summer’s Major League Baseball games is well underway, maybe the team owners can make themselves feel better about those lost concession and ticket sales by putting cardboard cutouts of former fans in the stands.

After all, it’s been easy enough not to watch the Kansas City Royals the past few years. Now with MLB taking over the role of political punisher by dropping its All Star Game in Atlanta over Georgia’s new voter protection law, millions of conservative baseball fans are going to find other places to hang out this summer other than the ballpark or televised games.

Those fan cut-outs will look better for the panning TV cameras – at least for Democrat baseball fans that continue to watch– but it probably won’t soften the sting of  MLB’s wokester decision to try to force the entire state to kneel to the Left’s political will. After all, we all know baseball players know more about voting rights in Georgia than Georgians do.

Of course the fact that MLB’s decision was based on a out-and-out lie propagated by Democrat politicos, by President Joe Biden and facilitated by a liberal lap dog media too afraid to confront the Left for its efforts to institutionalize the theft of elections – these things actually matter to conservative former MLB fans who won’t be buying $9 hot dogs and $11 beers this summer.

And if former President Trump’s 2020 election performance is any indicator – there are about 74 million of them.

Rand Paul put it pretty well last week – MLB will boycott Georgia because the state wants voters to show a photo ID card. But the organization doesn’t mind penning a business deal with Communist China, renown for its humanitarian efforts, research lab hygiene and jolly Tiananmen Square approach to free speech – to stream MLB games into Asian countries.

For the record, the lie that will cost MLB millions this summer was an easy one to unravel, since the language of Georgia’s new voting law was literally written out in black and white. That’s the way laws are, you know… put into writing and not bobbled around from one uninformed moron to another to interpret on Facebook until they scare corporate America into cow-towing to today’s Leftist mob.

Democrats love to convince minority voters that mean old white guys are trying to keep them from voting – and in this case everyone of them, from the Turnip in Chief on down, embraced a blatant lie about the Georgia law to try to propagate it. The mainstream media of course allowed it to go unchecked because it’s too busy anointing the Great Turnip with warm oil on its nightly newscasts to check a written law or bring their cameras to, say, the U.S./Mexican border.

The reality is, the only people restricted from voting under the revamp of Georgia voting laws are those who want to illegally stuff ballot drop boxes, steal the identities of other (maybe dead) voters, bribe folks standing in line to vote, or who are somehow too indelibly stupid to know how to obtain a photo ID of some kind in order to exercise their voting privilege. Those who’ve analyzed the law say it’s less restrictive than voting laws in Delaware, where the Turnip in Chief now banishes his dogs when they bite Democrats.

Short of a fullscale reversal, MLB is in for a summer-long financial shellacking, particularly after former President Donald Trump directed his 74 million supporters to boycott MLB and other companies threatening to boycott Georgia.

Is it fair for the Royals and other teams to suffer for the gutlessness of Major League Baseball to stand up to pithy Leftists in its own organization? Of course not. There was a time before Black Lives Matter that we could all enjoy sports without having to choke down any political bile. 

Nor is it fair for small businesses in Georgia to suffer because the Biden-Schumer-Pelosi-Soros miniature golf foursome want to frighten other states out of enacting similar laws to protect the integrity of their elections. They are collateral damage in the modern Culture War.

And this great Culture War is like other wars – the first casualty is the truth.

– Dane Hicks is publisher of The Anderson County Review in Garnett, Kan.